Grand Champion Ng Lan Ying

"What I learnt most from this experience is cash flow management, and how to make the most of what you have. As you cannot choose your title deeds (cards) in this game, great strategy is truly vital to win.

My main strategy was to manage my cash flow situation and mortage my assets when I have not much cash in order to buy more houses and build more throughout the game. Thank you so much PropNex for organizing such a Championship that's truly fun, engaging and insightful and also thank you to my finace for supporting and guiding me throughout the games!"

Ng Lan Ying
Grand Champion Winner OF $108,000

2nd Position
Thomas Choi

3rd Position
Winston Paul Wong Chi Huang

4th Position
Harvinder Singh

5th Position
Lim Tan Ping

6th Position
Hoo Sheng Fency Larry

7th Position
Poh Hock Choon

8th Position
Muhammad Rauf
Bin Mohd Fazil

9th Position
Chong Kai Lian

10th Position
Julius Lim

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Tutorial 5

PropNex Edition Monopoly Tips by PropNex Chairman and CEO Ismail Gafoor

Monopoly PropNex Edition Rules

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